ZEPHYR is a short film and EP about growing up and facing uncertainty. 
Following the journey of a young boy into old age, this 30-minute visual poem is about finding balance - a dynamic exploration into the unconscious processes that shape our everyday lives. From the playfulness of childhood to the complexities of adult life, we join the film as a mediator between intellect and intuition, movement and stillness, light and dark. 
In their debut project Director Jack Tierney and Composer Finnegan Tui fuse place, sound, music, and movement to create a hauntingly atmospheric and evocative experience.
ZEPHYR has been a deep collaboration between many members of the collective, an ambitious and successful first project.
“This is really a masterpiece. You can hear, feel and see how much creativity and thought was put into this project. It almost seems like your personal notebook with all your thoughts and feelings coming to life. Every shot is a masterpiece filled with beauty.” - Judith Denkovic
"A love letter to an outdoor childhood and a young man's relationship to the city, this is a poetic film rich with potent imagery. Threaded with symbolism, and enigmatic soundtrack and longing, this short from Murmur Collective weaves the romanticism of youth with magic, movement and desire." - Amanda Bluglass
“30 minutes of perhaps the best media I have had the pleasure of viewing, it felt like I was watching a poem. I am blown away by both the enormity and intricacy of existence this film is able to capture.” - Rae Woods

"This is beautiful. Such stunning cinematography, so many layers of narrative to get lost in - and the music is the shivering backbone to all of it. I get the feeling that your collective is a force to be reckoned with" - Flora Baker
"Reaching for the primordial sacred with not an utterance of a word. It's biblical on one level, on a very human level. I'm only halfway through. Thank you, the world needs more things like this." - Barnaby Tobias
"The ideas of voidness and being, two different understandings of existence, were so thought-provoking. It's a wonderful presentation of how unique and individual our personal connections to light and dark can be, where we find meaning and questioning how much agency we have over internal and external change." - Finlay Porter
Writer, Director, Editor - Jack Tierney // Producer - Abbey Valentina // Director of Photography - Lasse Tolboll // Executive Producer - Billy Abbott // Assistant Director - Josh Barnes // Head of Art Department // Production Designer - Olive Jenkins // Artist and Composer - Finnegan Tui // Composer, Sound Artist, Mix Engineer - Jasper Trim // Sound Design - Guy Newland // Mix Engineer - Mike Trim // Behind the Scenes and Production Assistant - Lily Bognuda // 1st Assistant Camera - Austen Lane // 2nd Assistant Camera and Gaffer - Sam Oxton // Art Director - Lydia Martin // Sound Recordist - Amber Amare, Dajain Daley // Script Development - Rohanna Starling, Finnegan Tui // Colourist - Jonny Tully // Graphics and Artwork - Rob Shuttz 
Supporting Co-Producer: Giuseppe Floridia // Supporting Executive Producers: Paolo Pome, Giuseppe, Simon Burgess, Alessandro Floridia // DIT and Production Assistant - Luke Harrison-Derby // B-Cam and Production Assistant - Sebastian Pinkham // Head Chef - Rosie Nevill // Off-Road Driver - Dom Rott // Location Scout - Lowenna Banfield-Earp // Production Assistants - Paul "Boggy" Bognuda, Jhett Smart, Sam Sutherland, Tom Adams // Advert Editor - Sam Sutherland
Cast: Parmenides - Finnegan Tui // Sunyata - Rubymoon Hilliard // Young Parmenides - Caspian Ember Watson // Old Parmenides - Paul "Boggy" Bognuda // Young Sunyata - Isis Marie Carney // Zephyr - Jhett Smart // Friends - Tom Adams, Alex Morton // Childhood Friends - Elisha Reuben Carney, Frankie, Mickey and Ziggy Mascarenhas // Mother - Emily Fawcett // Grandmother - Nelly Minnema 
Very Special Thanks To: Emanuele Floridia of Eywa Music Video Europe // Panavision Cardiff // YHA Accommodation // Joseph Goldman of Film Co. // Paul "Boggy" Bognuda // Emily Fawcett // Mike Trim // Bariş Baliç // Alice and Hetty Fruer Denham // David and Judy Starling // 
All of our generous Kickstarter supporters
Eywa Music Ltd (UK) // Producer - Jasper Trim // Producer - Robert Koch 
Producer - Matt Lawrence // Mixing Engineer - Matt Lawrence // Mastering Engineer - Simon Francis

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