Video by Murmur Collective for Finnegan Tui// Writer, Director, Editor - Jack Tierney // Director of Photography - Lasse Tolboll // Producer - Abbey Valentina 
Executive Producer - Billy Abbott // Head of Art Department - Olive Jenkins // Assistant Director - Josh Barnes // 1st Assistant Camera - Austen Lane 
2nd Assistant Camera and Gaffer - Sam Oxton // Art Director - Lydia Martin // Sound - Dejain Daley // Sound - Amber Amare // Colourist - Jonny Tully 
Behind the Scenes and Production Assistant - Lily Bognuda // Production Assistant and DIT - Luke Harrison-Derby // Head Chef - Rosie Nevill 
Production Assistants - Jhett Smart, Boggy, Emily Fawcett Bognuda, Dom Rott, Sebastian Pinkham, Lydia Derges 
Cast - Isis Marie Carney, Nelly Minnema, Finnegan Tui, Rubymoon Hilliard, Caspian Ember Watson, Elisha Reuben Carney, Frankie, Mickey and Ziggy Mascarenhas 
Special thanks to Joey Goldman - Film Co. Video Europe, Panavision Cardiff. YHA Accommodation


Producer - Matt Lawrence // Sound designer - Niv Adiri // Sound engineer - Dom Morley 
Mixing Engineer - Matt Lawrence // Mastering Engineer - Simon Francis // Associated Performer - Ben Nicholls - Double Bass

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